These SCWL® programmes address general good health practices and help you direct your energies toward stress free health and vitality. Look forward to each new day with the vigour and confidence that accompany total health and fitness. Think healthy and be healthy!

“Hour by hour, moment by moment you can build radiant health, success and happiness by the thoughts you think, the ideas you harbour, the beliefs you accept and the scenes you rehearse in the studio of your mind.”
Dr. Joseph Murphy, PHD - Author - The Power of your Subconscious Mind.

“I have used Midwest tapes for some years now, and have found them to be invaluable for helping me through some difficult times. I can see the difference in my current reaction to a situation, and how I used to react.”
R.M. Northern Ireland. 

AUD55.00 each


This programme is based upon research work done at the Harvard School of Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital and Tufts School of Medicine. To summarise: personality, attitudes, helplessness, hopelessness and stress were the major causes of cancer.

The human body produces over thirty fluids, creating over two thousand combinations, some more powerful than morphine. They combat diseases and viruses and help the body to handle pressures. Emotional balance has a great deal to do with how the body releases these fluids. When your emotional structure is in balance, your body produces the correct amounts of fluids, and your natural immune defence system functions normally, fighting off invaders. Much has been written about the premise that negative thinking has so much to do with your health.

This programme is designed to help balance your emotional structure; thereby creating a normal release of bodily fluids, allowing your body’s natural immune defence system to function normally, fighting off invaders. When our body functions normally, we can literally fight off just about anything.

This programme is in NO way intended to replace medical care. It can, however, aid by being a beneficial influence to your health via the mind/body connection. The programme is recommended by many doctors. Note: In field applications, the results were so fantastic that we recommend its use for everyone.

AUD55.00 each


Anxiety is a fear or dread with that lacks a specific cause. These feeling of uneasiness and apprehension can become intense. Severe anxiety attacks are often accompanied by physical symptoms.

This programme is designed to help with controlling the symptoms of anxiety. Bringing about a calm, relaxed person who controls excitement and pressure situations are key point of this programme. It promotes regular exercise; instils confidence in making decisions and builds positive attitudes about being a happy, healthy relaxed person who remains in control.l.

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