This is an age of growing awareness and great personal and professional change. Science is also becoming more aware that our subconscious serves as our personal computer, and in that capacity it acts as a permanent storage facility, or data file, for all our life experiences.

Our data file contains our personal library of beliefs, values, inputs, expectations, memories, influences, skills, habits and patterns of behaviour. Its content can be directly related to the difference between mediocre and outstanding performance in virtually any kind of activity.

Unfortunately, researchers have also concluded that, for the majority of people, the greater amount of the stored information is negative. They generally agree that between seventy and eighty percent of parental communication contains - no, you cannot, rather than, - yes, you can.

In fact, researchers estimate that, on average, for every positive, re-assuring statement children receive from adults, they will also receive twenty negative ones.

When a person's data file contains a belief which is damaging to their self-confidence or self-esteem, they may continually fail in virtually every kind of endeavour, both personal and professional.

During the last twenty-five years the researchers at Midwest Research of Michigan, Inc., have provided millions of people world-wide with SCWL® - Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning - programmes. The method uses a very low decibel recording technique, which carries new information directly into the data file of our subconscious.

Each script of positive affirmations is recorded on a sixty- minute audio cassette which can be played on any type of audio cassette player. Many titles are also available on CD.

SCWL® programmes are today's ideal motivational tool. They are being used in all areas of human potential wherever new attitudes are required, in order to support the achievement of one's personal and professional goals.

SCWL® programmes are safe, simple and easy to use. They are the most sophisticated and technically elegant programmes of their type available.
Professor Philip Hansen, Ed.D., California State University. USA.

I love the integrity of the research you put into your programmes. I have found them to be very effective.
Karen Kingston - Author of the international best seller ‘Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui'

All available evidence supports the double blind study that the students who used the SCWL® programme, #36 Passing Exams with Flying Colours, designed to enhance recall in test situations, out-performed their classmates who listened to the identical sounding placebo tapes without subliminal messages.
Dr. Don Morgan, Ph.D., Clarion University, USA.

Results of our studies were very impressive and we can see enormous potential for helping students with studies and examinations.
Mr John Brain, Technical Secretary, University of N.S.W.

The dramatic results people experience as a result of using these new methods for achieving their goals, and increasing control over their own life, not only saves them hundreds of pounds in consultancy fees, they also feel more confident and happy in themselves. The many clients who have used them really do stop smoking, lose weight, stop biting their nails, and live a more satisfying and healthy life-style.
Dr.Roy Bailey, PhD. C.Psychol. UK

The SCWL® tapes are fantastic for overcoming the logical mind. They are the ultimate. I wish we could have found them a long time ago.

The most important investment you can make is an investment in yourself……an investment which will empower you to be the person you would like to be, a person who can attain all your goals and desires. A person who is more relaxed, healthy, loving, confident, positive, successful, motivated, stable, attractive, creative, athletic, retentive, decisive, assertive, dynamic, organised, disciplined, efficient, influential, and much more……It is only a question of choice which truly makes the difference in our Quality of Life.

We trust you choose the SCWL® programmes to enhance and enrich your life.