Only you understand what your inner awareness is or what you hope it becomes - be it psychic, intuitive, knowing, a oneness, deepening faith or enlightened consciousness. These SCWL® programmes were designed to heighten your inner put you in flow with universal energy.

“I have turned into a better person by tenfold. It’s just amazing how the simple things, the little things in life we ignore, but through the pressing of play there is the unlocking of the mind to its fullest degree. It’s easy to do and to understand.”
Garry J., QLD, Australia 

AUD55.00 each


Everyone possess a sixth sense or psychic ability, sometimes referred to as ESP. Although you all have a sixth sense, most people choose to ignore it or just don’t know how to go about developing it. When developed properly, your ESP. can be very helpful in your everyday life.

The programme is designed to help you to develop or become aware of your sixth sense; to trust your inner knowing and to use it to assist you in all aspects of your life. If you have already developed your ESP., this programme will work to enhance what you already have. 

AUD55.00 each


Meditation is a technique to quiet your mind, sometimes to the point where you can see your thoughts. You have within you the power to reach Infinite Intelligence. Meditation, positive emotions or feelings will help you to tap your source of Infinite Intelligence.

Meditation is an important key to putting your life in proper perspective, or centring yourself. With meditation you can release universal vitality for health and prosperity, as well as relaxing and clearing your mind, which allows new thoughts and energy to come to you.

There are many different types of meditation techniques that can be used. This programme does not focus on any specific meditation technique. It is designed to enhance any technique you may already be using, or it can be used by those who have never meditated. There is a verbal introduction which explains the goal of the meditation exercise, and then it takes you through a breathing exercise that is designed to enhance your meditation period. It keys in on love, inner peace and understanding.

AUD55.00 each


Everyone has experienced the fire of desire within them at some time in their life. Every person has a purpose or talent for something; finding that purpose with that fire of desire, connected with faith and belief, look out! Most who have accomplished this are called the lucky ones. 

AUD55.00 each


With faith in oneself and in God and total belief that all things are possible because you believe it so, you can accomplish absolutely anything you choose. The importance is belief. This programme works like a chain reaction. Your faith will give power to your thoughts and based on belief, your thoughts will bring you success. 

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