Weight problems are almost always the result of other factors such as stress, depression, frustration and low self-esteem. That’s why most diet programmes don’t work; they don’t address the real problem. The National Institute of Health reports: “diet programmes, individual or commercial, medically supervised or not, have a greater than 95% failure rate in the long run”. The SCWL® programmes are designed to help you lose weight, keep weight off and improve your all-round health by creating new or altered beliefs in your subconscious regarding food, nutrition, exercise, eating habits and more.

“Magnificent wonderful life changes have surfaced in the year since I began using your tapes! My favourite change is my lovely size 8 hourglass figure (formerly a pudgy size 12).” Dr.T.B., Springfield, IL

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Excessive weight is usually the result of a deeper, less obvious problem. Some problems causing weight gain are depression, anxiety, stress, tension and low self-esteem. When you use will power to cut calories and start exercising the results are usually dramatic and short lived. 95% of people who lose weight through will power will regain the weight lost and more. The reason: Not doing anything about the cause. The mental problems that cause excessive weight need to be handled first if reducing caloric intake and exercising are to be effective.

This programme is designed to instill new concepts in the subconscious - concepts regarding nutrition, exercise and eating habits, as well as new ideas regarding self-image, attitude and confidence to achieve success. These subliminal images, concepts and ideas help re-shape your ideas, thoughts and notions about food and how it affects your body for lasting, permanent weight management.

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This programme is designed to reduce your appetite, your desire for food and your intake of food. It is a very fast acting programme, especially when you combine it with#14 - Stop Procrastination. It is not recommended for long periods of usage as it does not relate to proper eating habits. It will give you the immediate mental boost one experiences when they commence any diet and begin to notice the shedding of pounds and inches. Once you begin to notice improvement in this area, you need to switch over to either #1 or #530 - depending on the diet you have selected for your continued weight and inch shedding.

AUD55.00 each


This programme keeps your conscious and subconscious in balance and harmony. You are in complete control of your appetite. You prefer to eat the correct amount of nutritional food for your body. The confidence you have in yourself and the attitude you have developed allows you to enjoy an attractive, healthy body that no longer indulges in over-eating.

This programme is recommended for use with either #1 or #530.

AUD55.00 each


This SCWL programme was created for an International Corporation, with headquarters in San Francisco, that markets a weight loss supplement product. The findings of the double blind research project conducted proved that the group using the supplement with the SCWL Weight Loss Programme #530 lost 50% more weight than the group using the supplement alone. A fantastic result! This SCWL programme is excellent for use with any weight management programme.

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