Magnetise your mind for prosperity and develop the attitudes and actions necessary for financial success. Remember, achieving prosperity is first and foremost a matter of choice. Be persistent and consistent using these SCWL® programmes and give yourself a chance to experience a wonderful abundance.

“Both poverty and riches are the offspring of faith” - Napoleon Hill

“We cannot sit still producing nothing: our mental machinery will keep turning out work of some sort and it rests with us to determine of what sort it shall be.” - Thomas Troward 

“Your programme #16, 'Think Yourself to Greater Riches' is excellent. I not only recommend it to my best friends, I’m now buying them their first cassette. Since daily and nightly playing for the past five months I have increased my net worth by $51.000 with several real estate investment properties.”
Lt. J.C., Apo NY

“The tapes are fantastic and thanks to you I am on my way to financial independence and a full and happy life.”
G.B., N.Hollywood, CA

“I want to thank you very much for introducing me to the tapes because they have made an enormous difference. My life has improved dramatically and I have let go of a lot of old beliefs and patterns...I am now working on my prosperity.”
S. Aykroyd. UK

AUD55.00 each


Riches are available in many forms. Money, amazingly enough, is not close to number one. Self-esteem is more important than money. Many people work for something other than money -- Red Cross, Salvation Army, Chamber of Commerce, Olympic athletes, the Jaycees, MADD, Muscular Dystrophy, etc.

Richness in life consists of many things. Your mind is your greatest asset. Its potential is unlimited. Use your mind to enhance your position in life. Think - Believe -Achieve. You can achieve anything you think of as long as you believe in yourself and your ideas. Your mind helps you to gain riches, helps you to attract good opportunities. Be positive, believe in yourself and take advantage of opportunities. You will have whatever you believe you will have.

With this programme you will find that you surround yourself with positive and successful energy. You will attract the good, the riches, because you have enhanced your belief system.                 

AUD55.00 each


This programme is designed to heighten acceptance of abundance being a natural state of the universe. It encourages prosperous thinking by taking you through steps outlined below such as, but not limited to: acknowledging money existing in abundance, allowing/welcoming money to come to you, validating your willingness to accept riches, confirming that you deserve these riches, recalling the enjoyment of having money and respecting money. You are encouraged to trust the universe to support your desires and goals.

An important point here is for you not to limit where or how the money will flow to you as positive, unlimited abundance is a right of every human being. When we place ourselves physically and mentally in alignment with our goals and desires, we will naturally attract people and opportunities who will respond supportively.

AUD55.00 each


Prosperity is a state of mind. The SCWL® Prosperity Consciousness programme will get your thought processes in the right positive direction with heavy emphasis on God being the Source of your supply - wealth, prosperity, abundance, etc. Its intent is to help your pathway to your Creator so the wondrous supply He has for you will surely come.

Key phrases to this SCWL® programme relate to God; having absolute trust in God and in all things good; having only positive thoughts and emotions; being in control of your attitudes about wealth and success; opening your life to accepting, receiving, deserving and believing you are worthy; giving yourself permission to succeed and obtain wealth; accepting and appreciating your true worth; forgiving yourself and others for the beliefs and memories you carry regarding wealth; realizing that as a child of God, it is your right to be rich, happy and successful and, as a child of God, to accept your inheritance of all rights, privileges and blessings of God's riches as God supplies your every need; being thankful for all your seen and unseen blessings: visualization phrases regarding success and wealth: setting, focusing and achieving positive goals and doing this with faith rather than with expectation; remember how you can limit!.

This programme not only addresses financial prosperity; it also encompasses health, happiness, fulfillment, and family bonding, to name a few areas. Through God, everything is miraculous, flowing and thrilling! It's changing that old, warped record in your mind that keeps you where you are and limits where you can go; only you can set limitations; God gave you dominion over your thoughts and decisions.

Many times, you will find that when people think and speak of money, they follows a negative thought pattern and relate to the lack of it - don't have, can't get, can't do, etc. - rather than the abundance -. What you think upon grows so it would be reasonable to assume these individuals would continue to attract lack rather than abundance because that's what they spend most of their time thinking about. This programme will help you make the shift from negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns.

Using SCWL® programmes makes it just play a new record… With belief, your new thought patterns give you the opportunity to select new information and help you decide where you will go and how you will grow. 

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