There are four individual programmes in our Mullet-Level Marketing (Network Marketing) Series. These programmes prepare your mind for what is ahead of you. Whether you are new to your business or experienced, the importance of goal setting and visualizing success is critical. The two main aspects of MLM or Networking are retail sales and recruiting. There are few opportunities for someone to choose a career, decide in advance the kind of money you want to make and set out to make it. It takes sincere dedication and effort and the rewards can be whatever you choose.

AUD75.00 each


Time is the measured period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues. Organising time means to arrange time by systematic planning and united effort. Time is all you really have left and what you do with it is your decision. You can accomplish with time, or you can choose to do nothing with time. To physically organise your time in terms of planning and goal setting, you must mentally organise your time first. It needs to become a habit -- one that allows you the time to complete all the things you intend.

The book "Type A Personality and Your Heart" breaks down the utilisation of time into two major categories: The "Type A" personality and the "Type B" personality. Type "A" tends to work hard at getting all things done as fast as possible and yet accomplishes less and less: whereas Type "B" organises his/her efforts in time and accomplishes many, many thing in seemingly a slow-paced, organised manner. The basic premise of the book is that Type "B’s" live healthier and longer lives.

This programme could also have been titled, Organising Your Time and Your Life. It is designed to create a consciousness within about time. Everything in your life has its place and time. To have a good positive mental attitude about time will allow you all the time you need to accomplish all that you believe in. To manage time; work efficiently with time; plan your work and play; to accomplish all the things in your life that you intend and to be in total control of your time will actually slow you down and allow you the luxury of enjoying your achievements. You do not know what time is left. Make use of it. Make it your friend. Organise it!

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