I am a non-smoker

I feel healthy because I am a non-smoker

My health is very important to me

My breath is fresh and clean

I am happy I am a non-smoker


I have confidence in myself

I know I can achieve my goals

I have great faith in my abilities

I am a winner

I am optimistic in every aspect of my life


I am calm and relaxed in my everyday life

I can handle any situation

I can do this because I stay calm and relaxed

I am comfortable in any situation

I am in control at all times

I stay relaxed 

I stay calm


I get things done

I do them NOW

I feel confident in everything that I do

I enjoy making decisions

I enjoy putting these decisions into action

I am a positive, action oriented person

I am a success because I get things done


I feel nice and relaxed

My whole body is comfortably relaxed

My mind is calm, peaceful, tranquil and relaxed

I feel tired and sleepy

I can feel myself becoming more sleepy all the time

Tired and sleepy, tired and sleepy, tired and sleepy

I sleep deeply and relaxed.

Professional acknowledgements.

In order to provide a technologically advanced product to enhance the human mind’s ability to improve the quality of thinking, we forged a special plan for the operation of our organization.

There are five components to this organization - global consulting, professional collaboration, scripting, technological development and research. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the many doctors, psychologists, ministers, educators, professionals, affiliated universities, professional sports personalities, Olympic athletes and corporations whose expertise and dedicated works in these areas attributed to the quality and acceptance of SCWL® audio subliminal programmes.


The exceptional SCWL® programmes are always positive. The content of each script must be approved by the Self-Teaching Institute in Sherman Oaks, CA. This is an independent board of distinguished scholars and doctors whose disciplines include medicine, education and psychology. Their expertise in subliminal communications spans many years and provides you with the confidence that you are receiving the finest subliminal programming geared toward self-improvement. The following statement is from the STI board:

"We, the Fellows and Staff, have examined the message content of the SCWL® programs developed by Midwest Research of Michigan, Inc., and provided to us for study. Accordingly, we can certify that: message content is related to the stated purpose of the program; affirmations are positive in nature; examination of messages shows no evidence of malevolent intent or content; examination of messages shows no evidence of cryptic or occult content and no evidence of political indoctrination”.