Whether you are looking to enhance sexual pleasure or replace those negative thought patterns with affirmative ones, these SCWL programmes will help let love become the memorable and mutually rewarding experience it was meant to be.

“I don’t know what’s being said on tape #6 (Sex), but I can tell you after just listening for 6 hours that I firmly believe it has truly altered the relationship with my husband! It’s more than mutual tenderness and consideration and caring...much more! Thanks.”
L.W., Chicago, IL

AUD55.00 each


Sex is one of our most dominant feelings. Sexual desire is normal and natural for most people.

Conditioning sometimes creates complexes about those feelings and people become inhibited in regard to sexual feelings and performance.

This is a therapy programme. It is designed to create or enhance the normal and natural feelings with sex. It will allow you to heighten sexual feelings to arouse sensual feelings. You will experience loving sensations and enjoy the total feeling. Loving and sharing brings pleasure. Making love is a natural, sensual experience and the feelings are enjoyable.

AUD55.00 each


One of the most basic human needs is that of sexual satisfaction. The sex drive is common to everyone. From times of taboo to times of social acceptance it still remains a very intimate, enjoyable experience. Yet, there are so many problems that have a sexual origin. It is human nature to want to share equally in the enjoyment which the sexual experience can bring.

This programme is designed to create the desire within you and your partner to stimulate and to satisfy; to experience sensations mutually and to experience the ecstasy of love together. It build on natural and normal feelings.

This is a therapeutic approach rather than a problem-solving programme for couples. We recommend #6 - Sex/Loving Relationships for use with this programme.

AUD55.00 each


The problem of impotence is primarily a mental problem and not just a physical problem. Too often the mind dwells on the "can’t do", rather than the desired outcome. Concern about performance can lead to impotence.

Sex is healthy, normal and natural. Everyone is, to some degree, concerned about sexual performance. The more natural your thinking about sex, the more normal your response will be. This programme is designed to stimulate responses, arousal and excitement. It builds confidence within and works at eliminating sexual worries and tensions.

We recommended #41 - Gaining Confidence with the Opposite Sex, for use with this programme. 

AUD55.00 each


Unresponsive, unloving, under-sexed, are all terms that describe frigidity. Psychologically, there may be many reasons why you do not allow yourself to feel the warmth and the sensuality of a loving experience. In most cases it is psychological and not physical.

This programme is designed to create an expectancy in regard to love. Learn to expect love and warmth; to experience sensuous feelings; to enjoy love; to experience orgasm and they will happen for you. Your attitude about making love will improve every day. Stimulation and excitement will be easier for you and you will look forward to the experience. The programme simply works at creating natural responses that most people experience.

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