These SCWL® programmes were created for salespeople in any profession as well as specific programmes for the salespeople and managers in Real Estate, Insurance and Multi-Level Marketing.

“I am a commissioned salesman for 3M products. With your sales tapes I have increased my monthly sales from $1,500 to $38,000. I can recommend your tapes to anybody who needs to increase their sales.”
K.D.U., Scottsbluff, NE

“Your tape ‘I Can and I Will’ seems to be the missing link for salespeople like myself who want to feel confident about themselves and their profession.”
R.K.C., Auburn Hills, MI

“SCWL has had a dramatic effect on the performance and sales volume of myself and others in my organisation. They are invaluable tools for anyone building a business.”
V.C. Stockwell, President, Stockwell Associates International. USA

“This spring for the first time in my life I became a salesperson. Not liking to come on strong or pressure people, I did not see myself as a salesperson. Your SCWL programmes have convinced me that selling is something anyone who cares for people can do comfortably and with confidence. Your programmes can do so much for people. I personally know this.”
E.B., Waterford, ML 

“These two tapes, ‘Setting Appointments’ and ‘Qualifying Buyers’ are an invaluable asset to my business and have been instrumental in my getting back to basics and accomplishing much more in a shorter period of time.” 
JoA.C., Broker, GRI, Sugarland, TX 

“I am a dedicated, hard working person. I’ve worked several jobs and have been self-employed. I have never really made the kind of money I could. Since being involved with all of your Real Estate programmes, I now find that a $10,000 month is average. Some months, I earn £30,000 or more. I am now the six figure income I always knew I could be. Thanks, SCWL!” 
J.W.., Margate, FL 

“Your tapes are doing a tremendous job in helping me shift my attitudes. I am recommending them to numerous friends and people in my MLM company.”
D.R., Santa Cruz, CA


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