A person’s uniqueness is a combination of many personal traits. SCWL® addresses your unique and positive abilities to help create a more fulfilling environment by expressing happiness, joy, creativity, imagination, enthusiasm and self-confidence in your life.

“I received your tape ‘Happiness’ as a gift. At first I was somewhat in doubt about it, but as the days have gone by I feel a great change in my being”.

V.N.,Indiana Orchard, MA

“Your ‘Happiness’ cassette took us through the most difficult 18 months of our life.”
B.G., Brownsville, TX

“I belong to a group of people that have monthly meetings. They all were lacking in self confidence and would not speak at these meetings. I began playing your ‘Self Confidence’ tape at these meetings. The group is now so active and outspoken that we are meeting weekly. I honestly believe everyone in the group is a better person.”
K.W., Brisbane, Australia

AUD55.00 each


What you think of yourself, how you accept who you are, your opinions about yourself, simply liking the person you are and being the best person you can be, is a pre-requisite to success in any aspect of your life. Healthy, happy living depends on the feelings and attitudes you have of yourself.

This programme is designed to create a feeling within that you are the best you can be in all regards. The importance of this programme is the fact that the subconscious believes everything you tell it. So, if you want to improve the way you feel about yourself it will give you the information you need.

It helps you to feel that you are unique, you have purpose, you are successful, you are free of quilt, you are useful, you have great potential, you love yourself, your opinions of yourself are good and that you always do your best and you are good to yourself. Essentially, the programme instils a great feeling of confidence in you and your abilities.

AUD55.00 each


Midwest Research’s approach to this programme is somewhat different. Happiness is viewed as the opposite to anger. Anger is your most health-hindering emotion, specifically suppressed anger, which in time plays havoc with your body’s natural immune defence system. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to create and maintain a positive, happy attitude about your life. You need to look for good in all situations and to eliminate the negatives from your life. Negatives accomplish nothing good, so why give them consideration? Life should be fun and you should enjoy it.

That’s what this programme on happiness is designed to create; a feeling that is positive and fun. Your life can be fun; simply smile and feel good; enjoy your life; be a happy person. Like people and people will like you. Look forward to each new day with a feeling of happiness. Be active; be happy and enjoy life Eyour health depends on it. 

AUD55.00 each


Shyness is an inhibiting problem. To be shy is to be easily frightened or timid; not to be at ease with other people, bashful, not having, lacking; to be cautious or unwilling; to keep away from, or to avoid, are all parts of the definition of shyness.

Shyness is just about the exact opposite of what much of SCWL® is creating. Shyness keeps many potentially successful people from achieving their desires.

This programme creates the concepts in the subconscious that help to create the likeable person. You will become the person that likes being around other people, likes speaking in groups, likes being outgoing - one that makes friends easily. It will aid in producing a personable, funny personality. Basically, it creates a genuine interest in other people and simply combats shyness.

AUD55.00 each


The script of this SCWL® programme is generalized to handle flexibility of thinking and acceptance of change in all areas of one's personal as well as business life. This flexibility allows one to open new avenues of pleasure, accomplishments, understanding and experiences. Reading, comprehending, absorbing and recalling information – learned - read and experienced - easily is stressed in this programme as well as handling stressful circumstances successfully. 

AUD55.00 each


The script of this SCWL® programme was written by a Ph.D./Hypno-therapist and was combined with the SCWL® process. Therefore, the programme combines hypnotic suggestions with subliminal reinforcement. The end result is to solve problems in your life. Problem solving is experienced as a spontaneous, natural and joyful process which enables you to make fullest use of your creative potential. You clearly and confidently think and deal with problems which confront you. The programme does not specifically relate to the types of problems you are attempting to solve (mathematical, emotional, etc.); rather, it strengthens your ability to handle these problems by bringing together one's inner resources with which to solve these problems in a positive light.

Due to the hypnotic scripting, this programme should only be used during relaxing periods and never while operating any machinery or vehicles. This programme may cause a deep relaxation state. 

AUD55.00 each


Everything in this world was once only an idea. Cars, planes, spaceships, lights, telephones, designer jeans and computers were all ideas before they ever became reality. The power of an idea, the power of creation lies within you. Don’t limit your thinking. Your potential is unlimited.

In 1905, the leaders in San Francisco closed the United Patent Office because it was believed that everything that could possibly be invented had already been invented. It re-opened two years later - a million dollar idea flows through your mind at least once in your lifetime.

This programme is designed to develop a conscious awareness to produce even more creative thoughts so you will not disregard those hunches, ideas and notions about things. It helps you to reap the unlimited potential of your mind and take advantage of your own creativity.

You are a naturally creative person. Your subconscious puts ideas together. You think of new and exciting ideas. You are creative and you get the most from your ideas. You believe in your own ideas and that is all you need to make them reality. Your creativity reaches into all areas of your life. You begin to direct your creativity and that becomes even more powerful. This programme is one everyone needs to own. It goes along with most other programmes and is one of our favourites because it works so well and so fast.

AUD55.00 each


This programme was originally designed for individuals who have problems with depressing drugs and alcohol. Although the script does not deal with drugs and alcohol too many people were assuming it was directed at drugs. When re-recording we altered the title to reflect the real meaning of the programme. We did not change the script. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Get High on It!

This programme is designed to create some new concepts about life and your purpose in life. Life is great and living is enjoyable. You feel good every day; do things to help yourself and look for the wonders life has to offer. Energy and confidence in your ability to handle ups and downs are results to look for.

AUD55.00 each


Andrew Carnegie told us, " anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve". The word believe is a powerful one. Self-confidence is a belief in oneself. With belief in yourself, all things are possible and you can achieve anything you think of and believe in! These are universal laws. The mind you have to work with has unlimited potential.

The programme is designed to create concepts, ideas and images of confidence within your subconscious. You must like the person you are and have confidence in the fact that, you have belief in, and can achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

It works on creating faith in your ability. Your faith in yourself generates an inner drive.

Optimism and enthusiasm will be yours. With confidence, belief in yourself, a strong positive attitude and a good self-image you can and you will accomplish whatever you intend.

AUD55.00 each


You have in your subconscious, your mind’s eye, a self-image, a picture of yourself in regard to every area of your life: spiritually, work or career, socially, financially, family, etc. How you see yourself determines how you react or respond to almost every situation in life. Your self-image is one of the greatest factors in determining your success or failure in any area of your life. You can be a success in one thing and a failure in another. The process of elevating your self-image in all regards can only bring success.

The programme puts affirmations into your subconscious which allow you to vividly imagine yourself as you desire to be. Your mind will open to creative images, to achieving and enjoying. Your personal desires will become a reality. Your mind’s eye picture will change as you choose.

AUD55.00 each


So much has been attributed to positive thinking and nothing has been attributed to negative thinking. The power of thought can keep you healthy or unhealthy, positive brings positive; negative brings negative. To always look for the good in any situation eliminates negativity from your life.

The programme keys in on programming positive thoughts and positive results, to attract positives in all phases of your life. Positives will be given power in your life and positive action will result in positive outcomes.

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