The Ultimate motivational tool. Used by more than 2 million people who desire greater success in their personal and professional life.


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We have successfully used and recommended SCWL® since 1982.
Since 1978 the researchers at Midwest Research of Michigan, Inc., have provided millions of people world-wide with SCWL® -  Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning - programmes. The method uses a very low decibel recording technique, which carries new information directly into the  data file of our subconscious.

SCWL® programmes are today's ideal motivational tool. They are being used in all areas of human potential wherever new attitudes are required, in order to support the achievement of one's personal and professional goals.

The most important investment you can make is an investment in yourself……an investment which will empower you to be the person you would like to be, a person who can attain all your goals and desires. A person who is more relaxed, healthy, loving, confident, positive, successful, motivated, stable, attractive, creative, athletic, retentive, decisive, assertive, dynamic, organised, disciplined, efficient, influential, and much more……It is only a question of choice which truly makes the difference in our Quality of Life. 

We trust you choose the SCWL® programmes to enhance and enrich your life.  

These CDs are brought to you by Dr Diana J. Hodgson M.D. M.A.(Medicina Alternativa), a respected leader in the field of Behavioural Science related to the research, development and application of subliminal communication techniques for Mind / Body / Health and life enhancement.