A person’s uniqueness is a combination of many personal traits. SCWL® addresses your unique and positive abilities to help create a more fulfilling environment by expressing happiness, joy, creativity, imagination, enthusiasm and self-confidence in your life.

“I received your tape ‘Happiness’ as a gift. At first I was somewhat in doubt about it, but as the days have gone by I feel a great change in my being”.

V.N.,Indiana Orchard, MA

“Your ‘Happiness’ cassette took us through the most difficult 18 months of our life.”
B.G., Brownsville, TX

“I belong to a group of people that have monthly meetings. They all were lacking in self confidence and would not speak at these meetings. I began playing your ‘Self Confidence’ tape at these meetings. The group is now so active and outspoken that we are meeting weekly. I honestly believe everyone in the group is a better person.”
K.W., Brisbane, Australia

AUD55.00 each


To learn and to know yourself and to be able to perceive the meaning of situations and conditions and to maintain a calm and enduring self at these times is the key point of this programme. One can find good in any situation if you look long enough. The second key point is the positive rejection of anger.

The programme aims at building confidence, creating a positive attitude within, in regard to seeking and finding happiness, through patience and understanding. It is aimed at rejecting anger, one of our worst emotions in terms of being a detriment to good health. Suppressed anger needs to be recognised and dealt with. #9 promotes happiness, the opposite of anger.

This programme is an excellent management tool for business. Managers tend to be so involved and pulled in so many different directions that they sometimes do not take the proper time to 'listen' to those below them.

AUD55.00 each


Enthusiasm, even by definition, is Godlike. It is a strong excitement of feeling. William James said: "Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm". It is that total positive feeling about being alive and being glad of it. It’s a feeling that moves you to create and achieve; to establish a general excitement about yourself and your purpose in life. When you meet a person who is filled with enthusiasm, you remember them. Enthusiastic people are well liked because they are positive and happy. They smile; they are active and they enjoy life. It is great to be around enthusiastic people.

This programme is designed to instil a strong excitement within you. It will help you to become excited about life and allow you to radiate that excitement to others. It will put a smile on your fact.

Enthusiasm opens the mind to greatness. 

AUD55.00 each


Unfortunately, too many people associate the word imagination with children. Imagination is one of the most powerful forces with us today. Without it we would never have been on the moon; nor had the rocket that took men there. The computer would not be part of our life; nor the telephone, radio or television. We would be walking, possibly without shoes, had not the human mind taken advantage of imaginative thought. Nothing was ever created by mankind that was not first an imaginative thought. Imagination is the most general term and free from derogatory connotation. It may apply to the representation either of what is remembered; or of what has never been experienced in its entirety; or of what is actually non-existent. It is a creation of our thinking.

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