A person’s uniqueness is a combination of many personal traits. SCWL® addresses your unique and positive abilities to help create a more fulfilling environment by expressing happiness, joy, creativity, imagination, enthusiasm and self-confidence in your life.

“I received your tape ‘Happiness’ as a gift. At first I was somewhat in doubt about it, but as the days have gone by I feel a great change in my being”.

V.N.,Indiana Orchard, MA

“Your ‘Happiness’ cassette took us through the most difficult 18 months of our life.”
B.G., Brownsville, TX

“I belong to a group of people that have monthly meetings. They all were lacking in self confidence and would not speak at these meetings. I began playing your ‘Self Confidence’ tape at these meetings. The group is now so active and outspoken that we are meeting weekly. I honestly believe everyone in the group is a better person.”
K.W., Brisbane, Australia

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