Magnetise your mind for prosperity and develop the attitudes and actions necessary for financial success. Remember, achieving prosperity is first and foremost a matter of choice. Be persistent and consistent using these SCWL® programmes and give yourself a chance to experience a wonderful abundance.

“Both poverty and riches are the offspring of faith” - Napoleon Hill

“We cannot sit still producing nothing: our mental machinery will keep turning out work of some sort and it rests with us to determine of what sort it shall be.” - Thomas Troward 

“Your programme #16, 'Think Yourself to Greater Riches' is excellent. I not only recommend it to my best friends, I’m now buying them their first cassette. Since daily and nightly playing for the past five months I have increased my net worth by $51.000 with several real estate investment properties.”
Lt. J.C., Apo NY

“The tapes are fantastic and thanks to you I am on my way to financial independence and a full and happy life.”
G.B., N.Hollywood, CA

“I want to thank you very much for introducing me to the tapes because they have made an enormous difference. My life has improved dramatically and I have let go of a lot of old beliefs and patterns...I am now working on my prosperity.”
S. Aykroyd. UK

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