Many of these SCWL® programmes are Midwest’s best-sellers. One or all fit into every person’s life, flooding your mind with totally positive information. Adding any or all of these programmes to your regular use will benefit you in your personal and/or business life. Every programme is successfully unique in itself, yet positively dramatic when combined with other programmes.

“I love my tapes. They are some of my most cherished possessions. These tapes have given me the courage to change my life for the better.”
R.D., West Hollywood, CA

“The SCWL® success programmes literally changed my life in only a matter of days. For years I thought about what I wanted to do, imagined what I wanted to do, but could never do it. Now things are happening and getting done without me even giving them a second thought. They are what I have been looking for for years to bring out the real me from within.”
A. Cole, UK. 

“After playing your tape #14 Stop Procrastination just a few times, I seem to have been transformed.”
Helene Hildick. UK.


AUD55.00 each


Listening is an ability we have that can be developed. The greater our ability to listen, the more effective we become in our communication.

This programme actually prepares you to communicate effectively by developing your ability to listen; understand; analyse and prepare to respond prior to speaking. All too often we are preparing what we intend to day rather than hearing what someone else is saying. You can become an effective communicator by becoming an effective listener.

AUD55.00 each


Take charge concepts are used in this programme. Become a person who has the discipline to follow through with your sound judgement; control your actions based on the sound decisions you make; become the master of your life by putting yourself in charge of what is best for you.

This programme could possible by the most powerful that we have ever developed. Get in control and take charge of your life by developing the self-discipline needed for your own success.

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