The SCWL® learning/educational programmes combine several different techniques to make the learning process easier, more enjoyable and more successful. Whether you’re in grade school, high school, college or working, you can make the learning process more productive with regular use of these programmes to sharpen your learning skills

“My concentration ability has greatly improved. I now find it very easy to learn, absorb and comprehend information. Learning has become an enjoyable experience with the SCWL programmes.” 
W.E. Metaire, LA

“Of course, there’s no way to prove it, but I’m convinced that the tapes I used during the three years of studying for my law degree helped me a great deal and I can recommend them to anyone.” 
George Smith. UK.

“I recently learned that I have passed my exam. I played the two tapes to help me to study and pass. I found I had a terrific urge to study, (most unlike me), and it was most enjoyable; not the chore I thought it would have been.”
Valerie Fox. UK.

“I have helped students to prepare for SATs, GREs, LSATs, GMATs, etc. I have never had a tool that works as consistently as ‘Passing Exams’. Test anxiety was always an elusive thing, but a few weeks with this tape lets even the most anxious students shine! I’ve even tried randomly giving it to some members of a group. Within days the differences start to appear...the students playing the tape start to have a calmer, sharper look; they just have more fun! The scores inevitably show a real difference. Now I offer it to everyone.”
Bennett Morrison, Tutor, Hollywood, FL

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